General Terms and Conditions

The products purchased on the Company website reaches to Mane Tiles’ factory, undergoes double quality control, then the product(s) is packaged and sent to the appropriate post office. The customer is provided with the tracking number(s) which allows the costumer to track his/her package(s) online.

Attention: International orders can be taxed according to the custom legislation of importing country.

Attention: The consumer is responsible for international import/customs taxes of the respective country.

Attention: The colors of the photos of the products presented on the company’s website may differ from the original products.

Attention: You can order any product presented on this website in the desired color and size. We also accept individual orders at this link   https://www.manetiles.com/en/contact/.  Order preparation period 5-25 days.

Company cannot provide customs tax information for the respective country. If there are any questions, please, contact your local customs office for more details.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms carefully before using the online payment facility.

  • Using the online payment facility on this website indicates, that you accept these terms and conditions.
  • Your payments will normally reach company’s account within 3 business days.
  • Company’s website cannot accept liability for the refused or declined payments, which is directly related to the credit/debit card supplier.
  • In case of declines of the payments by the card supplier, website is not obliged to provide any information to the costumer.
  • To check the balance of the account, you can apply to the card service bank and get necessary information.

International delivery can take 15-25 days.

The Delivery in the territory of Armenia for the purchase from online shop is carried out according to rules as follows.

  1. Delivery is carried out within 1-3 business days.
  2. Delivery fee must be paid directly after receiving the package.
  3. Delivery in Yerevan is free of charge, if the total value/cost/ of the orders exceeds 25.000 AMD. Other cases cost 1500 AMD

Payments are made online through ARCA VISA MASTERCARD payment systems or by cash.

The consumer has the right to return or exchange the purchased products, if no more than 14 days have been elapsed from the time of purchase, and if

  1. The products of proper quality shall be replaced, where the mentioned products have not been used, marketable appearance, customer properties, as well as the sales or cash register check provided to the customer with the product are preserved.
  2. The product does not correspond to the description on the website.
  3. The costumer shall have the right to replace the product by analogous products, where the purchased products are unsuitable by form, dimensions, color and size or may not be used by the customer for its intended purpose.
  4. The products are not subject to return or exchange, if it has been used or damaged due to the customer’s careless behavior.
  5. In case of return or exchange of the purchased product, the transportation costs are covered by the customer.